About Us

The practice of P.J. Byrne & Co., and Samuel Roche & Co., has evolved from the three separate practices of P.J. Byrne and Hugh O’Donnell both of Dublin Street, Carlow and Samuel Roche of Tullow and which commenced prior to the First World War.

Michael P. Donnelly acquired the practice known as Samuel Roche & Co in 1959 and the practice known as P. J Byrne & Co in 1964. In 1969, following the acquisition of the practice of Hugh O’Donnell by Charles J. Bergin, both Michael P. Donnelly and Charles J. Bergin continued in partnership. In 1979 Catherine M. Craig joined the practice and following the retirement of Michael. P Donnelly in 2006, the partnership has been carried on by Catherine M. Craig and Charles J. Bergin, with the assistance of Ann Marie Blake, Associate Solicitor, and lately of Gerard McElwee, Solicitor.

With a pedigree stretching back to the early twentieth century, the practice has evolved to become the modern dynamic practice that it is today, and looks forward to meeting the challenges of its next hundred years with the same resolute sense of purpose that it showed in its first hundred years!

At the end of each transaction, with a view to improving the service which we provide, we ask Clients for feedback on our performance.