Property Law – Buying and Selling Property

Our Conveyancing team has in-depth knowledge and experience and consequently our clients feel safe putting their business in our hands. We deal with all aspects of the following:

  • Buying and selling houses, apartments, land, sites and all agricultural property
  • Mortgaging and re-mortgaging
  • Transfer of property & transferring property where their has been a┬árelationship breakdown
  • Gifts of property

Agricultural Land

Over the years we have developed close connections with the local Teagasc offices and with stock and land valuers across the country and beyond. We study each budget and all legislation to ascertain their effect on our farming clients. We offer the following services to our farming clients:

  • Wills and Succession Planning
  • Inter-family transfers including tax implication
  • Young farmers relief
  • Registering rights of way
  • Advising on Deeds of Covenants