Property Law

Transfer of property, either residential or commercial, can be a stressful procedure. Our goal is to ease that stress by acting for you, the Client, in a practical professional manner. We are conscious of the ‘gobbledegook’ that can be involved in property transactions. At first consultation we supply our Clients with a letter setting out the steps involved in buying or selling a residential or commercial property, setting out the cost and the time to complete the transaction.

We are further advising Clients on their rights and liabilities as co-habitants under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, and on the implications for them as developers, apartment owners, or otherwise, under the Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011.

We have a special first time buyers package and we would ask that you contact Dora in our Tullow Office for details.

Over the years we have developed close connections with the local Teagasc offices and with stock and land valuers across the county and beyond. We study each budget and all legislation to ascertain their affect on our farming clients.

We offer the following services to our farming clients: –

• Wills and Succession planning;
• Inter – Family Transfers, to include advising the tax implications thereof;
• Young Farmers Relief;
• Registering rights of way under the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009;
• Advising on Deeds of Covenant etc; and
• Mapping queries, boundary disputes, and deeds of exchange.