Family Law

Our goal is to help our Clients through the very difficult and painful process of a family break-up in the most practical and caring manner possible. We deal with:-

We cover all aspects of separation, whether by way of mediation, separation agreement or Court Order.
If you have lived separate and apart for a period of 4 out of the preceding 5 years, you are entitled to a Divorce.
Provide advice to persons living together under the new Civil Partnership Legislation and otherwise.
Unfortunately, children can suffer when their parents no longer live together. Our goal is to ensure their confusion and pain is kept to a minimum.
We make every effort to ensure that the custody of children of a relationship is dealt with in a clear-cut and practical manner.
In a maintenance application, it is necessary to require all parties to complete a list of their assets, liabilities, income and outgoings so that maintenance issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.
Again, our goal is to resolve Guardianship matters in as efficient a manner as possible.
All Court Proceedings to include: District, Circuit and High Court.